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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  February 26, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>>george: we're doing pretty well know hot spots. >>james: rain is on the horizon >>james: live pictures at the golden gate bridge visibility pretty good this is the kind of whether we would expect as a work away as the broken down to the different a part low clouds it will not be quite as cold as it was yesterday temperatures mainly in the mid to upper '40's all their fuel spots won a to their after showing up in a couple that showing low 50s by noontime we're going to see the
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winds pick up just a little bit and temperatures the end of quite a bit will be low '60's at that 0.3 in the afternoon the warmest time of the day will be looking at general the upper sixties to low seventies enjoy today it will be the warmest day of the week and probably the last will the solid spring like they for a little while we have ride on the horizon kicking and for the day on saturday and will talk about that in detail coming up in the fourth check killed were to retire right now that's what you expected to get out the door this morning in the knowledge that the latest information on the changing weather pattern with the mobile application industry and available for android an apple devices down loaded today. >>george: on the nimitz freeway southbound here at the bay bridge with the metering lights
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at the of the back of already reaches to the macarthur maze for the westbound ride for your trip to the san mateo bridge where sing a few bourke-white the we're not saying a big increase in the drive time yet that will likely change within the next 30 minutes if you're heading for ran for the golden gate bridge this morning they're still going to find an easy ride no backups leading to the bridge and all the latest rumor ran county 4101 southbound. >>darya: one man is dead woman in critical condition and an arrest made this happen at home and hercules and kron 4 as mike pelton joins us live to tell us what exactly happened it was kind of weapons were used and did these victims and attackers know each other? >>reporter: that is one of the big questions police are still trying to answer this morning which is possibly a home invasion gone wrong at this
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point we do not know all the police tell us they did find a fake pistol here at the same the home invasion happened at this house to the homicide and video from a helicopter partnership with abc seven news is shows as the investigators the homes is tear on the intersection of our courts and very old. the response of the force of two men fighting in the driver would one-person show in the second person of the two arrived and found a blood trail from a parked truck tore the house officers entered the home from the woman with serious injuries and then a man dead inside the no signs of fire but they are not saying what types of injuries to victims suffered. >>: is said to know this type of thing is still happening in the world today have been doing this for long time in a distressing to get any easier.
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>>: reporter that defined a man matching the suspect is into the short distance away the dead taken into custody but this when they're not releasing his name this one we're working to get more information on this case will pass along as soon as it becomes available in this the city's first homicide since 2012. >>mark: 3 men are behind bars for holding a woman hostage and sexually assaulting her for weeks if we first brought you the story last week tour to europe one place she was held captive in of you for weeks at his home in santa rosa sonoma county sheriff's detectives said the mastermind behind the crime he was taken into custody yesterday along with two other suspects it was hard to several crimes simply said additional charges may be added as the
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investigation unfolds his bail set at $6 million also arrested the 52 year-old man police say they help keep the victim captive. >>darya: pices militant seen in videos of hostages being the headed as an identified and they say that he is a british man from west london close under that had to identify some as mohammed has appeared in these videos session of the killings of crisis hostages there he is holding a knife of the videos include the beheading of u.s. journalist james and of stephen sell-off. we learned a number of christians kidnapped by islamic state militants and syria is not risen to 220 people kidnapped in some cases of families they say they adapted dozens of more christian hostages from 11
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communities in northeastern syria the kidnappings have been taken place over the past three days and a tour group's actions are being felt in california charlottes and ronald davis says several of their family members are among those who were kidnapped by isis of the will not identify the family members taken the they're afraid for their safety. if anyone oppose any pictures of anyone to say anything derogatory another organization or affiliation they will single them out. >>darya: were stunned to go where in california the family lives in a detail listing give you this is the her brother was among those kidnapped he returned to syria hopes of
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bringing back his family to the united states federal officials arrested to new york man that this a plan to travel to syria today to dionysus another man is suspected of a conference bridge are accused of having grants to assassinate president obama hijack a plane and possibly carry out attacks here in the united states. >>mark: the agency says potentially dangerous bacteria could be lurking in your doctor's office this bacteria tivoli found in hospitals have been found in a number of people either love to have not been to a hospital that had recently been to the doctor or dentist the cdc is conducting a new study to see if people are contracting this bug in doctor'' offices the cdc says patients to wash the hands after visiting the doctor with soap and water because alcohol base jails do not get rid of this particular bacteria still ahead of charges filed against the man suspected of hitting and killing of a well-known food vendor in the
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i did not realize i had to wait i thought it was in the u.s..
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>>mark: from the gulf coast into the carolinas and wild weather basically east of the rockies even if counsel would run over
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the weekend >>james: is not arrogant at all. we have actually some pretty nice conditions with the weather does term stormy as we headed to the weekend it will stay with us into next week unsettled weather will rise an injury to the it will be the last really springlike day around the bay in this for the next seven there was a quick look at and this is the outside right now 50 in san francisco a lot of mid-40s some today issue head of by a couple of degrees will expected to hold onto the afternoon as well
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saw the list of all your forecast we have it broken down to the three main parts of the day the morning hours partly cloudy this way you expected to get out the door until about to the clock and things will open up temperatures will be in the 40's if you have the kids hitting to school makes of a layer of because them what to needed during the morning hours they were not needed this afternoon of mostly sunny and warm temperatures in the upper 60s and low 772 in some spots it would definitely one on the playground and bentonite is the into bed was the to cloud up those costs will be in advance of the system that will impact us fighting into saturday. >>james: with talk about the south bay specifically percentage was a flood of rigid about every portion of the inland area in the bay and 20 in the upper 60s 07 is it will be nice. that is was one to be diving down our direction by a
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drop the day friday we could get a light sprinkle on friday but the bulk of the wet weather will see will be happening on saturday to the early morning hours to about 6:00 p.m.. we're not looking for to was a camel is an urban areas may be a quarter of an inch and a guest to the mountains along the coast of ranges may be 1/2 inch if it is not a big rainmaker the we will take it. and settle for the foreseeable future capital here will of the to day-by-day as you were aware through this winter weather. >>george: an accident in fremont that is already jammed up a ride on 880 in the southbound direction the crash started in the left-hand lane is been ruled out of the lane but the damage has been done to the commute to the corridor is already up to 52 minutes leading out of san leandro southbound for milpitas
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the 238 to 237 corridor we used to call the fremont milpitas corridors it is the san leandro because the backlog has grown that much and track in you're ride to the favorite was a bomb went and the macarthur maze and over 20 minutes to the drive times in fact high with 24 is already starting to back approach is amazing the trip to the san mateo bridge a fairly typical pattern here as the verdict flights are coming out west of the toll plaza and the drive times a creeping up were 50 to 70 minutes problem free at the golden gate bridge but better volume here in south mom for the richmond bridge and was about 580 ride no delays is that the toll plaza are cutting through richmond on interstate 580 westbound. >>mark: is in charge with 12 criminal counts including murder police said two to five you're marked a home committed to
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shrinking 8 tver's to for the crash on saturday detective said he left the drive with a liquor store shortly after he crossed an oncoming traffic in the car and simply said he kept driving reared onto the sidewalk and crashed into a fruit stand here on south like road and mountain vistas drive killing the vendor for your francisco hernandez and injured his wife investigators say he then drove through our front yard and got back on the road before hitting a parked car to come to rest on the sidewalk to try to run away the bystanders help them to police arrived. >>darya: bikes are now being ordered to stay off the sidewalks on first second third and fourth street and also along san for an industry in downtown san jose vice are banned they now have nuclear we marked bike lanes on the street designed to give blacks plenty of space senate do not hit anyone any pedestrians in a car
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sits in the signal system measure was one to affect just yesterday will make it safer for everyone on the streets. >>mark: 6 nonprofit how file also included 11 million try to sabotage their attempt to sell the hospital to a for-profit corporation the service employees international union across the house littleton's a maze of dollars to set work to the hospital and laws and is in the bay area delayed the sale but its a job and go down the price. on a massive avalanche in afghanistan the number of dead has now gone to a hundred and 62 and 1000 troops have been sentenced to amount to about 60 out of east the death toll is expected to rise even higher
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that was caused heavy winter weather or is a lot of snow and there have been other deadly avalanches and flooding in four northeastern provinces in afghanistan. >>mark: is no new funds are coming in it will cut off the gas supply in the two countries have continue fighting despite the cease-fire agreement one of 5000 of them are going to exercise to prepare for combat russia and ukraine signed a deal that the october decline to pay in advance for the gas shipments russian president vladimir prudent said is good for under three to four days before the gas to stop flowing. still ahead more sad news today about bobby christina will tell you
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have it when they tried to get the daughter off of her medication and hospital the tech a live look outside at the backed up in the weight you have faced the beautiful skies right now on oakland is 53 degrees as high as 72 for mr. the afternoon. hey.
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>>mark: about 40 minutes after dragging the victim from the single storage and off to the valley injured woman appears given illegally in a converted for in a commercial building handoff also died in the fire
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the cost on the investigation. >>darya: another big metropolitan area now allowed to start smoking pot just a fun not for medicine will tell you where.
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>>mark: we're hanging in iraq the territory it with another record highs for the doubt as in the to this morning. >>darya: i have no complaints that is a mild one and nothing really going on it is going to get wet. >>james: is a small price to pay considering the the job that we're in will talk about what we would expect today was to come on the horizon there were some big changes on the way and are not it is cloudy over in visibility just fine temperatures today will be nice and warm were looking for saw after no to the sec a look this
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morning with the widespread mid- 40s amid even a couple it is cold and of the to need to put the jacket on by noontime increasingly brazen attempt to will be in the low 60's at that point that the lunch hour by 3 this afternoon the kids are getting after school if in fact it was a little jack of this was really nice and mild out side as we are expecting for today was to come of? we have rain wind and snow on the horizon over the next seven days to the rain showers on saturn were looking for more what whether come next week the when it will be sure to click on friday and saturday around the bay and snow levels for this weekend or talk about
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seven out the fee for tile results of vero bring snow and here in the bay area saturday night could job down to a 4000 was might mean a dusting of top mount diablo for what you always download the mobile application upgrade which is the updated on changing weather patterns is freehand and work for both android and apple devices give it a look. >>george: millipede is we're jammed up with the accident here at clinton it may be still on the shoulder nevertheless it is still out of the lanes with the damage is done we already looking at a 54 minute drive times this early this morning and that will likely climb to over an hour for the southbound 880 ride to track in the commit for the upper east sure freeway is increased to 19 minutes were looking now at about 20 minutes trip through the san ramon
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valley for interstate 680 southbound the 680 into dublin is slowing as well for the southbound ride leading down some no the south bay freeway still jammed the already from the 80 interchange on 280 north when you're ride toward cupertino into the macarthur maze this morning san mateo bridge already jamming of not as 630 used to be 7:00 before we start traffic is slow and you're ride to the golden gate bridge is still a problem free. >>george: if you're heading into marin the the richmond bridge started to pick up a little sluggish traffic now arrive at the toll plaza but that has not yet translated into a backup on interstate 580 west about the still looks good as you head for richmond public transit not experiencing any problems this morning is an easy ride whether you're on board a train calcic.
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>>mark: and is a middle school student killed by a train is the nearly one year since the tragedy involving 14 your gen abetting she was on the track to befriend the train approached and she moved out of the way at first to win back for herself from. >>will tran: they said we'd love to talk about our older sister to talk about her every day every situation they do not forget heard that the lancet we're not going to say her name to concede there's a picture right there in the living room and joining me now is julia and gigi how has it been for the past year.
6:35 am
>>: we just take it day by day and some days are tougher than other for hours this past week with a one-year coming up is hard because we are really close were always doing things together and now is different but we still do things and we do it now with our soul rather than physically so. the parents encourage you to talk about her and laugh and smile tell us the story and average they would do you do to talk about general think about her.
6:36 am
>>will tran: give us a story about your sisteryour >>: man general always gang up on julia and then sometimes general would be like when i was younger she would do things i always want to be like her and i always want to do things like person she was older and she would make me say everything she said and if she did not like a food i was not allowed to like it and so i would do everything she asked for the one thing to really is about her? >>: we became more close because we had more things to relate to the sharing a room with her was part of the things i really messed the could now i'm in a room by myself. add not going to
6:37 am
often because i know she does not want me going on at. we will talk to her teammates she was an athlete she played soccer and they're kind enough to be here as well will give their experience for the past year as well. >>mark: thank you again for the family for sharing the story with us will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues.
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>>george: the accident at
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thornton and block the left-hand lane is have been on the shoulder for a while with the damage is done. >>darya: 2 people are behind bars accused of using homemade fishing devices to catch cash and checks at a bank night deposit box please recall to the exchange back on fourth street in santa rosa about 6:00 yesterday morning bank employees said they saw a suspicious person near the night's deposit box police said that person was not cooperative when an officer approached the officer detained the man and found a homemade device designed to retrieve items in the deposit box police found a woman with a two-way radio and a nearby vehicle they believe the to the working together. atlanta the recreational use of marijuana is now we go off in the nation's capital the voters approve measure allows the 21 and over to the this to counsel a less
6:42 am
and grow to six marijuana plants by implementing the law washington's mayor defied to house republicans who once you bring in federal law and risking retribution d.c. voters approve of the marijuana and this is a back in november is a columbia joining, roth the washington state and alaska all legalizing or chris the marijuana use still ahead. >>james: track in the weather we have stormy weather on the way today there will be nice to have is a glimpse of would expect beautiful conditions for a forecaster ahead. bulldog: oooh!
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>> reporter: sheikh knowledge it was a city employee truck and she apologized she called the mayor's office and did i get the reaction she wanted. >>: she said days that it's your problem were not one to worry about that.. you have to get that up you put it there. >> reporter: they need to remove that they put it there. city dumps trash into the woman's yard. >> reporter: the pilots landing gear failed. at
6:50 am
united states expressed regional carrier. the landing gear it was not down the light did not turn on it turned out the year did to come down. they landed without incident. >> reporter: surveillance camera shows customers selling--stilly a donation jar from a sickly child. it was supposed to help the family pay medical bills for their child was very sick in the hospital. >> reporter: in yesterday's they stole from the grossed out. --girl scotts.
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>> reporter: music playing .. >> reporter: all beyond backup dancers with older singers in their 50s and 60s if you want to watch those hold video place the video on mine face the page. we also have a video up of people behaving badly in the bay area. i love it. laughter.. i think it's
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great love it does sound pretty dead. --pretty good. >> reporter: the san mateo bridge to concede there's a lot of great there. --alot of gray there, we will be lot of great there. --alot of gray there, we will be back after the break. tton. the nespresso vertuoline. swiss-designed precision brought to your kitchen. celebrate one year of vertuoline with $100 dollars off. it's the best price we've ever engineered. ♪
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>> reporter: welcome back to kron 4 morning news watching temperatures in the bay area. we are 39 and vallejo. a little bit more on your forecast in just a few minutes. sick in bed see lines are showing up in the bay area coast line. six see lions have been brought in up and down the west coast.
6:56 am
--sick sea lions. that'd marions are trying to treat more than a hundred and 40 see lions 6 from malnourishment and other elements. --140 sea lions. >> reporter: mothers cannot get back to their pups in time the water from the ocean and may be causing the
6:57 am
sickness. >> reporter: and carries world we are got to talk to gary before he had often to spring training. and you could get the sickness from your doctor's office the story coming out. >> reporter: stick around for the next edition of people behaving badly. (cluing ises
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causonlye brings delious dburcreme eggs.e wantsoy ile hersay keep trng, bunnknoweaster tterhan cadbury. causonlye brings delious dburcreme eggs.e wantsoy >> reporter: a woman held hostage in the house opted for weeks and now her captors are behind bars. a
7:00 am
new warning for you a deadly bacteria might be lurking your doctor's or dental office. >> reporter: trekking the hotspots and problems with commuters. sam detailed bridge accident on the westbound direction looked at what has done. on the high-rise connection on the bridge is on the record leading up to the top. we see traffic at a standstill here you see some flashing vehicles try and get by on the shoulder here right on the center of your screen there are heading out to the accident there is a lame blocked on a high-


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